Are we overrating teamwork?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The whole world has been promoting teamwork, the great positivity which it results in and a whole lot of benefits which it yields to the companies. We are all in agreement with this. However is it such a perfect solution? Is teamwork the right answer to each and every task that we have at hand?

One important thing which we need to consider is the fact that the human being by nature is very different, even though we tend to categorise them in a couple of categories, usually very opposing ones:

  • Male vs Female

  • Experienced vs Junior

  • Tall vs Short

But what if the world that we are living in is not that black or white. What if we need to rethink the work assignment all the way through and reconsider the fact that whilst a good portion of the population may find itself completely at ease working in a team, still an equally large part of the population may find it extraordinarily hard. And an era where no business is really flourishing, with the exception of very few lucky ones, we need to make sure that all our resources are giving their very best, ready to speak up their minds, to come up with interesting solutions, feeling part of the company without necessarily feeling obliged to act as one large team from morning to evening.

More information on this and how to achieve a balance in our workplaces are the topics that will be delved in the webinar: Teamwork, is it overstated?, a webinar hosted by Alexander Kwaku Adu-Lartey, on 22nd May at 8 pm (Ghana time), which would be 10 pm (GMT+1).

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