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We are a quality and customer-driven business framed out of a strong belief that technology is an enabler, that can maximize the potential of good business when it works well. With this in mind, hatua onpoint strives to make a difference in our society, the corporate world and individual lives through the use of consistent technology actions and definitive strategies that will drive your growth and resolve your challenges.

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    We are a well-established Microsoft Certified Partner, specializing in providing business management solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP (NAV/AX) /CRM and numerous Microsoft Products. We also partnered with several other innovative industry-leading software such as Atlassian, Avalara, Jet Reports and Foodware 365.

    We also offer .net/open source development, systems integration and transaction processing system.

    we're international

    Our offices are conveniently located in three different countries; Ghana, Malta, Czech Republic and Nigeria. This allows us to have a wide reach in international markets, enabling us to provide international perspectives to our clients, whilst still providing local support.

    At Hatua Onpoint, it is imperative that we understand the business, culture and markets of our clients, which ultimately allows us to speak their own language.





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